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Bridging the gap between Event Organizers, Vendors and Attendees.

Events & Festivals using EventPay

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Entire Experience
Full Control

Working closely with industry experts we've crafted a solution to enhance the on-site event experience, for organizers, vendors and attendees alike. Take control of your event and see how EventPay can enhance your on-site event experience.

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Analytics & reporting at your fingertips

With in-depth analytics and reporting tools, you have the ability to understand your events like never before. Get data on your audience, as well as your top performing vendors. Give vendors dashboard permissions to access their data and improve their workflow throughout the event.

Built for everyone

Reduced hardware costs for everyone

Eventpay is compatiable on all devices, either it's your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Event organizers, vendors and attendees can run the entire process right from their mobile phones.

Compatible with all devices.

What can you do with EventPay?

Multi-Event Management

Do you run multiple events at the same time? EventPay allows you to manage multiple events all from one event organizer dashboard, and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Accounts & Permissions

Give different users access to your events, set permissions & restrictions for reporting & analytics, and access to specific events you run.

Security & Reliability

Our partners trust EventPay due to the secure infrustcture we have built. We use bank-grade encryption and never store any credit cards.

Working with EventPay is a pain-free & seamless experience. We were able to manage multiple events in various locations all from one dashboard. Token sales have increased after implementing Eventpay, not to mention the amount of time and resources we've saved!
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Mike H.

Event Organizer at Taco Fest