Getting Started

EventPay is compatible on iOS and Android devices, and is available for download
Once you've downloaded EventPay, you can create an account using a valid phone number. You will need to submit the SMS authentication code in order to complete the signup process.
EventPay allows event organizers to create tokens which can be used at an event. The event organizer sets the value of each token, which will be displayed when you purchase tokens for the specific event.


A Reload adds tokens to your account which is charged to your default payment method.
Reloads have a minimum transaction value of $10.
When enabled, Auto Reload will automatically top up the tokens in your wallet with the Auto Reload amount you've selected. When you make a purchase for an amount of tokens greater than your balance, EventPay will automatically charge your default card reloading your wallet and completing the transaction.

Account Settings

You can change your password through the Profile page in the app, or during the sign in process.
You can update your phone number (Which is used to login) through the profile page on the app. You will need to verify the phone number using an authentication code in order for the update to be successful.


EventPay supports all major credit card brands (American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover). Events can opt to have Cash Reload stations, please check the event details to see if the event you're attending accepts Cash Reloads on-site.
All unspent tokens purchased using a credit card that are remaining on a users wallet will be refunded following each individual event. Credit Card: Remaining funds on your account will be automatically refunded to the credit card used to purchase the tokens. A processing fee of $4.25 will apply to all token refunds. Token refunds will be processed within 7 business days of the final day of the event. Cash: Cash payments are final sale.


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